Do you feel like the Lady you know you are inside?
 Then you’re in the right place.
I’ll cut to the chase.
I help women get back into the physical shape in 12 weeks.
I am a the Lady Sculptress; an online personal trainer dedicated to helping women look and feel their best.

Think of me as your coach, mentor, biggest fan and friend.
So friend, what if I said… 

“Hey beautiful, dynamic, incredible lady, do you need some help getting back into shape so you can feel good about yourself again?”

As in, some actual help?

I’m ready to offer you all the tips, tricks and secrets I’ve learnt from my own physical transformation and many years in the fitness industry.

I could help you overcome the things that are holding you back... The feelings of self doubt, of unworthiness, of shame.

What if, together, we could shift those barriers to reveal the version of your body that you would be proud of again?

What would you say to that?
“Lucie… How about I just take some of those magic skinny pills?”
Sadly, along will many other myths about dropping weight quickly,
there are a lot of shady 'quick fixes' out there.
The truth is much simpler than all of those gimicks.
You don’t have to cut carbs
You don’t have to deprive yourself of delicious food
You don’t have to ditch your social life
You don’t have to spend hours in the gym
What you do need is a genuine desire and commitment
to try a new method.
The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If the thoughts, habits and environment you’ve experienced for a while have resulted in extra pounds, You are not the problem...
it’s the thoughts, habits and environment that are to blame.
All changeable things.

So the deal is this…
if you’ve got an open mind and a drive to see real results
then you’re ready for my 12 week transformation programme.

If you’re ready for the confidence you deserve,
then I’m ready to work with you.

What you need is a tailor made eating plan,
a customised workout schedule,
and someone to help you over
the hurdles and keep you on track.
AKA... me :-)

Changing habits can be tough,
having a coach supporting you through
the sh*tty days can make all the difference.
Let's face it, everyone has sh*t days!

*Quick disclaimer*
This isn’t for everybody.
I can give you all the information and support
you’re going to need but I can’t do the workouts for you,
I can’t stop you from reverting to old habits.
There’s a certain amount of drive and determination
that needs to come from within you.
I can help you find that drive and determination :-)
I cannot thank Lucie enough for helping me transform my body for my wedding! I felt amazing on this special day. Her 12 week transformation is everything that I’ve been looking for in a programme and more.
- Sara

Lucie is an inspirational trainer. I lost nearly a stone with her guidance and became fitter and healthier. She is dedicated, professional and really lovely! I highly recommend her 12 week transformation programme
- Oana
Lucie has taught me it’s ok to love myself and not have an unrealistic goal of what is or isn’t acceptable. The most important factor Lucie is teaching me to love myself and life again and I highly recommend working with her.
- Katie.

Because I work closely with each one of my clients,
there are always limited spaces available on my 12 week transformation programme.

Since you’re seeing this page right now, you’re in luck.
A space has opened up just for you but don’t delay,
if you’re serious about getting results,
come and join me today before someone else grabs the spot.

What you get with this ONE-on-ONE
12 week transformation programme with me…
* Tailored to each client
  •  A personalised nutrition plan with weekly food diary analysis.
  •  Tailor made fitness programme just for you (I work with your current fitness level so don't worry about not being able to do the exercises)
  •  Weekly check-ins with me online.
  •  Access to my private facebook group where women support and encourage one another through all the ups and downs.
  •  My supplement guide (these aren’t skinny pills, sorry!)
  •  Mindset coaching to help you with balance, perspective and cravings.
  •  If you hit your 12 week goal, you’ll get 25% code off at Tikiboo clothing to treat yourself to new workout gear!
So, who am I and why should you train with me?
I’ve spent years transforming myself, from being bullied for being bigger in school to competing in bikini body competitions & I now dedicate my life to helping other women just like you to have the results they really want.

I’ve spent the last 6 years studying everything I can on looking and feeling good! I loved learning and researching so much so that I qualified as a personal trainer, I researched health and nutrition daily, bought all the books and read all the reports as to how our bodies thrive and what we need to be mentally and physically prepared for each day.

The most important thing I discovered was BALANCE, keep everything in BALANCE and your whole world changes! I learnt that to look totally good on the outside you have to be coming from a good place within. There is so much more to my story has lead me to where I am today. The path is so much easier to walk if you have a guide, someone who can lead you and jump the hurdles with you, who can be your coach, your mentor and your friend.

That’s where I come in Lucie Colt - your Transformation Coach.
Now it’s your turn!
 Your ideal body, life and mindset are only 12 weeks away.
Let me help you get there, it’s easier than you might think!
Are you an action taker?
Of course you are!
WAS £399
I want to help some incredible women get some incredible results.
I think you know who you are!
It's decision time...
If you’re ready for a personal trainer and coach to
come alongside you and support you along this
12 weeks journey, then sign up now!
*SAVE £150*
*Please only purchase if you are serious about taking part, changing some habits and seeing results.